PC To TV SVGA HD15 M/M 35ft cable w/ 3.5mm Cable w18

PC To TV SVGA HD15 M/M 35ft cable w/ 3.5mm Cable w18

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PC or Laptop To TV SVGA HD15 M/M 15ft cable w/Stereo Audio and Triple shielded (Gold Plated)

Easy to enjoy

1. Connect 2. Set up 3. Enjoy your favor video

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Looking for a way to connect both the video and audio for your computer system. These convenient cables save you the hassle of running a separate set of cables just to get sound. We offer these high quality SVGA Cables with stereo audio connectors. They feature a low loss, TRIPLE shielded design to keep out RF and EM interference. They also come with durable molded HD15 connectors with thumbscrews for a secure connection and molded 3.5 (1/8) mini plugs. Great for connecting high resolution monitors and hi def TVs with PC A/V inputs. Comes with a lifetime warrenty for peace of mind. Audio cable extends 22.5 inches from HD15 connector

VGA connections are also commonly referred to as HD15, DB15 (a misnomer), PC in/out, RGB and RGBHV.
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