75FT 26AWG CL2 Standard Speed HDMI Cable - Black

75FT 26AWG CL2 Standard Speed HDMI Cable - Black

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75FT 26AWG CL2 Standard Speed HDMI Cable w/ Built-in Equalizer - Black

Standard Speed HDMI

HDMI has become the de facto standard for interconnecting high definition digital video and high resolution digital audio devices. HDMI carries both video and audio in one convenient cable, clutter is dramatically reduced and connecting equipment becomes much simpler.

Supports High Definition Digital Video up to 1080p (maximum performance may vary based on equipment) Supports High Resolution Digital Audio standards like Dolby Digital TrueHD and DTS Master Audio Works with new high refresh rate displays (120hz and higher) Gold plated connectors for clean corrosion resistant connections. Triple shielded to resist interference from electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference. HDCP and CEC compliant. UL Listed. ROHS Compliant. CL2 rated for safe in-wall installation.

*NOTE: Direct Tv users, HDMI cables at this length may not be compatible with your device

Helpful Tip!

Itís a good idea to test the cables before installing them inside a wall. That way, if there are any issues, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time and expense of installing them.
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